In the news and around the web

In the news and around the web:

  • The Washington Post reports that Jesse Davis’ body has most likely been found and her boyfriend has been arrested for double murder.
  • The Sacramento Bee reports another failure by the Delgadillo family to obey the law. This time, the wife of LA’s City Attorney, Michelle Delgadillo, failed to obtain a business license and file tax returns.
  • AP News reports that a California Court of Appeal has ruled on the legality of a West Hollywood ordinance banning cat declawing. You can read the court opinion here. You might guess the outcome based on how the opinion starts off: “Echoing Gandhi’s teaching that a society’s moral progress is best judged by its treatment of animals, the City of West Hollywood has banned as cruel and inhumane the practice of animal declawing unless necessary for a therapeutic purpose.”
  • reports on a Dutch woman’s lawsuit for emotional distress over not winning a lottery that she never entered.
  • The Sacramento Bee reports that the California Court of Appeal has stayed the contempt sentence for Phil Spector’s former lawyer who has refused to testify at his criminal trial regarding the allegation that Henry Lee mishandled evidence at the crime scene.

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