California State Bar shuts down internet based criminal law firm

Legal Pad reports:

Working for Robert Nudelman must have been a really bad experience — because some of the fellow lawyers in his Woodland Hills firm decided to take him down.

State Bar officials announced Monday that they shut down Nudelman’s Criminal Defense Associates Inc. last week because the firm had become “incapable” of properly representing its 150 clients who face criminal charges.

Nudelman resigned from practicing law immediately, officials said in a press statement, after the State Bar seized about 700 files, froze the firm’s bank accounts and placed it under the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

State Bar Deputy Trial Counsel Kimberly Anderson said Monday that some of the lawyers employed by Nudelman are largely responsible for stopping Nudelman before things got worse.

“They were concerned,” she said. “Some of them are pretty competent criminal defense attorneys.

“Many of these attorneys,” Anderson added, “have been concerned about their clients and have come forward to help us.”

Nudelman was managing partner and sole shareholder of Criminal Defense Associates, which was created in 2003 and marketed itself mostly on the Internet as a nationwide law firm specializing in sexual and drug offenses. The firm employed about 10 criminal defense lawyers and accepted cases from all over the country.

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