Judge orders Jack McClellan to stay away from minors

The New York Times reports:

In a surprise to parent groups and their lawyers, a judge issued a statewide restraining order Friday prohibiting a self-described pedophile from coming closer than 10 yards to any minor in California.

One constitutional lawyer said the order, by Judge Melvin D. Sandvig of State Superior Court, amounted to either house arrest or expulsion from the state.

A separate provision also bars the man, Jack McClellan, from posting on the Internet any photos of minors without parental permission, including the type of nonpornographic photos that he has posted in the past. These postings, with directions to events that minors were expected to attend, have enraged parents and children’s advocates.

Judge Sandvig issued the order at the request of two lawyers, Richard Patterson and Anthony D. Zinnanti. Mr. Zinnanti brought the action on behalf of his daughter after Mr. McClellan was seen in the Zinnantis’ hometown, Santa Clarita.

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