Criminalizing balloon sales

The AP reports:

The California Senate on Thursday voted to ban helium-filled metallic balloons because they too frequently fly away and get tangled in electrical lines. That has caused hundreds of power outages in recent years and led to costly repairs for utilities.

Starting in 2010, anyone caught selling the popular party supplies faces a $100 fine under a bill the Senate sent to the state Assembly.

Sen. Jack Scott, D-Altadena, says the balloons are a growing cause of outages when they break free and cause power lines to arc.

You can review Senate Bill 1499 here.

One thought on “Criminalizing balloon sales

  1. I have never heard of one single power outage caused by metallic balloons yet suddenly they cause “hundreds” of outages each year that nobody I know has ever heard of either. I have heard of kites getting tangled in power lines and causing outages but I’ll bet you won’t see a ban on kites any time soon. I am growing weary of this Soviet Socialist State of California that we have here. I guess when you have the highest paid state representatives in the entire nation, you naturally create a system that incentivizes excessive law creation.

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