Review of the EverLast Notebook

This is a review of the EverLast Notebook.  I heavily rely on technology in the courtroom. My trial exhibits and examination notes are loaded on to my iPad and organized with TrialPad and Microsoft OneNote. But I have never been comfortable writing notes on my iPad. It does not feel comfortable and my writing is illegible and skips around. Instead of handwriting notes on my iPad, my normal practice is to handwrite notes on normal paper and use Microsoft Lens to import the notes into OneNote. I backed the Kickstarter campaign for the Everlast Notebook with some skepticism. The Everlast Notebook promises to be a reusable notebook with fast integration with cloud services such as e-mail, Dropbox and OneNote. I thought I would be disappointed in the writing surface, the pen or the ghosting effect left by numerous uses. My expectations were low, my experience was high. The EverLast Notebook delivers as promises. The provided Frixion Pilot pen is in every sense a normal pen. It writes on the notebook smoothly without smearing. If you don’t like the provided pen, there are a number of colors and styles of Frixion pens on the market.

Each page of the notebook has symbols at the bottom which when checked off provide instructions to your smartphone about where to place photos of the page: email, dropbox, OneNote and other cloud services.


The free app is easy to set up and easy to use. The app combined with the symbols take one step away from Microsoft Lens: telling the phone exactly where to store the notes. In the case of OneNote, you can specify a page, section and notebook. A big advantage over Microsoft Lens due to Microsoft Lens’ clunky and slow destination selection interface. The biggest surprise is how easily and thoroughly the notebook pages clean up. Everlast delivers on this promise. With a moist rag, the ink wipes away like a dry erase board with no residue or ghosting. A truly reusable notebook. I will be taking this notebook into my next trial.

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